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  • Result of Higher Judicial Service (Preliminary Examination) - 2017, conducted by High Court of Uttarakhand on 16/07/2017 {Kindly Visit Results/Recruitment's Module}

Results / Recruitments


H.J.S. Previous Years' Question Papers


(1) Year 2008 (I)

       a. Paper-1(891 KB)

       b. Paper-2(858 KB)

       c. Paper-3(270 KB)

     Year 2008 (II)

       a. Paper-1(2 MB)

       b. Paper-2(875 KB)

       c. Paper-3(456 KB)

(2) Year 2009

       a. Paper-1(1.3 MB)

       b. Paper-2(766 KB)

       c. Paper-3(442 KB)

(3) Year 2011

       a. Paper-1(1.2 MB)

       b. Paper-2(559 KB)

       c. Paper-3(290 KB)

(4) Year 2012

       a. Paper-1(1 MB)

       b. Paper-2(294 KB)

       c. Paper-3(624 KB)

(5) Year 2013

       a. Paper-1(1.5 MB)

       b. Paper-2(540 KB)

       c. Paper-3(592 KB)

(6) Year 2014

       a. Paper-1(900 KB)

       b. Paper-2(596 KB)

       c. Paper-3(606 KB)

(7) Year 2015

       a. Paper-1(1.4 MB)

       b. Paper-2(655 KB)

       c. Paper-3(885 KB)



(1) Year 2013

       a. Paper-1(564 KB)

       b. Paper-2(1 MB)  

(2) Year 2014

       a. Paper-1(883 KB)

       b. Paper-2(545 KB)

(3) Year 2015

       a. Paper-1(584 KB)

       b. Paper-2(895 KB)

Publish Date: 08-07-2017

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